Our passion

A heart for business and a soul for food, our founder envisioned a place that he could be proud of, a place that focused on taking care of its employees first and the rest would come together. Knowing that hiring a creative staff and letting them loose to do what they do best was the recipe for success!

Let’s talk about David a bit …

The Fifth Ticket was created to be a home away from home. A place people could gather and share artisan cocktails, a creative menu with inspirations from different cultures and a front of house staff that just love people! But before all this came together, most of it was just ideas on a few pieces of paper and a whole lot of talk.

Having graduated with honours at Memorial University with a Bachelors in Business Administration, David became very passionate about sales and marketing. Being only two years removed from Memorial when starting to aggressively pursue options for financing his dream, it seemed like for now, that’s all it would be, a dream! One day while talking to a friend about wanting to make the dive into the proverbial entrepreneurial pool, he told his friend that the only way he’d be able to accomplish something of that magnitude right now is he had won the lottery… or something.

Well low and behold two days later on July 4th 2014, David and his co-workers at the time, hit it big and won the jackpot with LottoMax. Try and ignore that sign?

Even though this is an industry infamously known for it’s failures more than its successes, David ignored all the advice being thrown at him and decided to dive in, and to this day has zero regrets.

So still wondering why The Fifth Ticket? Well it was The Fifth Ticket he scanned that day when life decided to alter his career path in such a dramatic way.

Our Executive Chef Nick Jewczyk is an award-winning graduate of the prestigious Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts on Granville Island, Vancouver. Nick’s formal studies fortified his foundation and lifelong fascination in the field of Culinary Arts. With local ingredients as his medium, Nick honed his creative skills through reviving classic dishes at some of Vancouver’s most popular foodie destinations. Fusing a passion for local products and innovative techniques, Nick leads the kitchen at The Fifth Ticket whilst showcasing his love for this amazing province.


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