eat, drink & be social

Welcome to The 5th Ticket! Since 2015, we have been providing our guests with an innovative culinary experience that we call “approachable dining” in an atmosphere that welcomes all. The concept was born in the heart and soul of St. John’s, Newfoundland on the famous Water Street.

St. John’s being one of the oldest cities in North America, it was known as the seafood trading outpost to the Basques, French, Spanish, Portuguese and English. Till this day you always find the freshest catch on Water Street.

With such a rich history it seemed natural for us to focus on food created from local ingredients. Our chefs turn these colourful and wonderful ingredients into distinctive textures and flavours which are inspired by the diversity and history of this beautiful street. From the more daring palette to the cautious culinary connoisseur, our menu has something for everyone. It’s refined, comfort food where each guest is treated like a star with a humbled approach and a unique twist to farm-to-table fare.